GM Launches an Ecolabel for Automobiles (Jan 2012)

Jan 2012

General Motors has created and environmental label to educate potential customers on the environmental attributes of its cars.  Starting with the Chevy (or Chevrolet) brands the stickers, called Ecologic will be attached to the windows in the show room with information on fuel saving technologies, end-of-life management, and manufacturing processes.  It notes the information is third party audited.  According to GM “Ecologic is simply a recognition of our systematic attention to environmental responsibility and our commitment to monitoring our progress as we continuously work to reduce our environmental impact. To further emphasize our commitment, the statements on our Ecologic labels will be audited by an independent, third-party sustainability agency. The auditor, Two Tomorrows, is a market leader in the provision of independent auditing and assurance services to major companies for environmental and sustainability initiatives.”


Most manufacturers provide emissions and end-of-life management information in their show rooms, although this is probably the first instance of shaping such information into a bespoke eco-label.


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