A Round Up of 2012 Sustainability Standards News (March 2012)

Mar 2012 rounds up developments within some well known sustainability standards.



  • A new structure for the ISO 14001 standard: The ISO working group responsible for the world’s most popular environmental standard, ISO 14001, is drafting the most important overhaul to the standard since 2004.  In essence, the changes are focused on elevating environmental requirements to a more strategic level and in providing tools for organizations to solve future environmental challenges.  There are currently over 250,000 organizations worldwide who hold the ISO 14001 certification.  



  • ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint of Products Standards:  ISO’s standard on carbon foot printing has been released as a Draft Standard, for comment from stakeholders.  The standard is now available from ISO.   



  • The Alliance for Water Stewardship: has published the first draft of its standard on water usage.  The International Water Stewardship Standard has been released for consultation with comments welcome until June 2012.  The standard has been formed by a multi-stakeholder group and is aimed for use by leading producers and users of fresh water.




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