Certification and Markets: An Newsletter (Dec 2012)

Dec 2012

World’s Largest Chocolate Maker to Invest in Supplier Sustainability:  US based Mondelez International (formerly known as Kraft) is a multinational chocolate and confectionary maker with sales of USD 36 billion USD per year.  The sourcing of cocoa, as with coffee is highly sensitive to a range of sustainability issues.  Last week the company announced it will invest USD 400 million “it will invest $400 million over the next ten years to improve the livelihoods and living conditions of more 200,000 cocoa farmers and about one million people in cocoa farming communities.”  The company’s program is called “Cocoa Life”.  Key sustainability issues are child labour, ethical trade and chemicals usage while key standards for the sector relate to fair and ethical trading and labour standards. 

H&M is the Leading User of Organic Cotton: The Swedish clothing retail giant H&M is noted by a new market research report on sustainable textiles as the world’s leading consumer of organic cotton.   H&M has been using organic cotton in its products since 2004 and considers itself a pioneer in sustainable textiles.

Chinese Consumers Desire Green Products: US chemicals maker Du Pont revealed the results of  survey  in December 2012 showing a growing understanding of green products among urban Chinese consumers.  The findings reflect the potential for green products in the world’s largest consumer market and how this demand could help China meet its sustainability targets.  When asked about their confidence that green products are better for the environment, 70 percent of Chinese consumers surveyed said they were either very or somewhat confident (the similar figure for US consumers was 65%).  A sample of 1000 consumers was taken.

Popular Searches is a supplier directory listing over 50,000 companies from around the world producing and selling products certified to sustainability and organic standards such as Fair Trade, FSC, MSC and the Soil Association mark.  Our B2B directory is free for companies to list on and the information is open to all viewers at no charge.  Companies listed on find new customers from around the world and buyers can short list and contact new suppliers based on ethical and sustainability criteria. messaging