Certification and Markets: An Newsletter (July 2013)

Jul 2013

M&S, Next, Tescos and others sign up to Sustainable road map: WRAP is a global standard aimed at sustainability in the textiles sector.  Its new initiative SCAP 2020 now has signed up global brands representing a huge portion of the UK’s textiles sector.  According to WRAP: “Signatories and supporters of the SCAP 2020 Commitment have pledged to play their part in reducing the carbon, waste and water footprints of clothing they supply or receive in the UK, starting from a baseline year of 2012.”  The companies signed up can be seen here. 

Microsoft Co’s Supply Chain: Greenbiz reports on the world’s leading software maker’s Vendor Code of Conduct.  Microsoft states it has over 60,000 suppliers and in 2004 collaborated with the electronics sector to create the Electronics Industry Citizenship Council and EICC Code of Conduct.   The Vendor Code of Conduct involves ethical, labor, health and safety and environmental issues which each supplier must agree with.  Further Microsoft uses the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative.  in asking its leading tier of suppliers to demonstrate compliance to its Vendor requirements.  According to Greenbiz “The New York City Pension Funds played an active role in encouraging Microsoft and other technology companies to promote GRI reporting to their suppliers.”

A Global Agreement on Credibility of Eco Labels: The ISEAL Alliance is a grouping of the world’s leading sustainability standards.  Its annual conference was held in London in June 2013.  At this, it announced a global agreement on what makes a credible sustainability standard.  According to ISEAL: “Buyers can use the Credibility Principles to avoid standards guilty of ‘greenwashing,’ such as those developed in so-called ‘closed door’ processes, or that simply require self-declarations by factory or farm owners to become certified, or even just charge a fee for label usage with no inspection at all.  The Credibility Principles are: Sustainability. Improvement. Relevance. Rigour. Engagement. Impartiality. Transparency. Accessibility. Truthfulness. Efficiency.” 

Popular Searches is a supplier directory listing over 50,000 companies from around the world producing and selling products certified to sustainability and organic standards such as Fair Trade, FSC, MSC and the Soil Association mark.  Our B2B directory is free for companies to list on and the information is open to all viewers at no charge.  Companies listed on find new customers from around the world and buyers can short list and contact new suppliers based on ethical and sustainability criteria. messaging