Ekobai Newsletter: Eco-certification and markets (May 2014)

May 2014

Summary:  Bangladesh gets a boost from a socially motivated investor, MSC highlights a 20% sales increase in its labeled goods and embarks on certifying herrings.  Some info on organic markets and labeling.

Bangladesh Gets Textiles CapitalTau Investment Management  slogan is "Capitalist Solutions to Capitalism's Failures".  The company has announced a US$200 million investment into Bangladesh's garment industry, struggling with its reputation since the now notorious building collapse of a factory in 2012.  The company states: "Modernisation and transformation of the country's apparel industries will be the prime focus...we want to work with the bigger players and they must be hyper compliant."  

MSC Talks About Growth & Herrings:  The Marine Stewardship Council  released its latest market figures at the Seafood Expo Global 2014 in Brussels.  " Nicolas Guichoux, Global Commercial Director, revealed new data at the MSC's annual Global Commercial Network meeting that showed an annual rise in MSC certified products of 21% to September 2013 and a fivefold increase in four years."   Separately the MSC is embarking on the first stage of certification assessment of the herring industry

Organic Supply Chains: An interesting report on how leading players in the organic sector are driving sustainability chain through their supply chains.  Based on data analysed by the Sustainable Food Trade Association.

and the Future of Organic Labels: From the same source a highly intelligent analysis of the future of labeling focusing on credibility given the plethora of free form self declaration labels in existance.


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