Global giant Kimberly-Clark revises procurement policy in favour of certified products (Aug 2009)

Sep 2009

Following a five-year pressure campaign from leading environmental group, Greenpeace, the health and hygiene giant, Kimberly-Clark, has released a new environmental fiber policy. The policy governs how it will help conserve forests and support sustainable forestry. It also outlines how Kimberly-Clark intends to phase-in more recycled and FSC-certified wood fiber into its products. Owner of world-renowned brands including Huggies, Kleenex and Andrex , Kimberly-Clark holds the No 1 or No 2 share position in more than 80 countries.

As more and more global brands bow to pressure to support sustainable forestry and use only certified timber products, small and medium businesses must follow suit to stay competitive in this market.

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