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H Window Company LLC

The first prototype of the H Window was developed by Harald Kvasnes, inventor of the Spilka fully reversible projecting hinge, in Aalesund, Norway, in 1959. The idea was to have a window with a sash that would fully reverse without projecting inside the room, allowing window treatments to remain undisturbed, when cleaning the window.

During 1959, the first year of operations, only 200 H Windows were sold. In 1960 Norwegian window manufacturers signed up as H-licensees. In 1970 the H hardware was greatly improved, which led to the first H Window licensees abroad in 1972.

The first sales to the united-kingdom were in 1979, and in 1984 Spilka UK was established to sell and distribute Spilka hardware throughout the UK.

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We deal with products certified to FSC Chain of Custody (CoC).

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