Bio Pac and Oasis Cleaning Products

Bio Pac and Oasis Cleaning Products

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Bio Pac and Oasis Cleaning Products

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Bio Pac and Oasis Cleaning Products - Environmentally friendly, not animal tested, safe for the chemically sensitive.

Products and Services We Want to Sell:

  • Oasis Biocompatible All Purpose Cleaner/Dish Liquid
  • Oasis Biocompatible Laundry Liquid
  • Automatic Bowl Cleaner Tablet
  • Laundry Stain Remover
  • Bathroom Cleaner Pine Forest Fresh
  • Automatic Dish Powder
  • Apple-Aloe Dishwashing Liquid
  • Ultra Laundry Liquid
  • Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

Sustainability Issues

Description of Our Sustainability Program:

* Our Bulk Bio Pac products are packaged in refillable containers. Recycling is one answer to plastic waste, but refilling an existing container is an excellent idea. Once these bottles wear out, usually after hundreds of re-uses, they can be ground down and made into recycled bottles. A recent study found that 95% of the ecological impact of laundry and dish products was not the cleaning product, but the packaging!
* All our products are biodegradable. We do not use dyes or optical brighteners in our products and we carefully select our ingredients to be biodegradable. Bio Pac does not test on animals
* Our products are clearly labeled. Instead of friendly sounding ingredient names with no information, Bio Pac gives you the actual chemical name of the ingredient.
* The word "natural" is ridiculous when used in conjunction with cleaning products. The only natural cleaner is water! All cleaners are made up of either soap or surfactants which are both synthetically made. The real issue in detergents is their biodegradability. Not all surfactants are readily biodegradable and without the actual chemical name, there is no way of knowing.
* Bio Pac donates a percentage of its profits to Wilderness preservation. We directly support groups who are actively promoting wilderness preservation such as RESTORE:The North Woods, The Sierra Club, the Headlands Project, etc.
* Our Oasis line of products is fully biocompatible. This means you can use the resulting greywater to water your plants. The product actually breaks down into valuable plant nutrients. Oasis cleaners are suitable for both greywater, septic and municipal sewerage systems.
* Our recycled plastic packaged line is full of hardworking cleaners that are fully biodegradable. You'll be amazed at just how well an environmentally safe cleaner can work.

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