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Fundacion Conservacion y Desarrollo CyD

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Fundacion Conservacion y Desarrollo CyD

Jose valdivieso
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Jose valdivieso
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Conservación y Desarrollo (C&D) es una organización no gubernamental, autónoma de derecho privado, con finalidad social y ambiental.

Desde su constitución trabaja ininterrumpidamente en la promoción del respeto a la vida y el desarrollo sustentable, a través del uso racional de los recursos naturales generando conciencia pública en el buen uso de los mismos. Nuestra filosofía está basada en el concepto de sostenibilidad, reconociendo que el bienestar de las sociedades y los ecosistemas está entrelazado y dependen del desarrollo ambientalmente saludable, socialmente equitativo y económicamente viable.

Year Established:
Jose valdivieso
Products and Services We Want to Sell:

  • Agricultural fishing and forestry services
  • Agricultural fishing and forestry services

Sustainability Issues

Description of Our Sustainability Program:

We are members of the Global Compact.

Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería Acuacultura y Pesca MAGAP.
· Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil SRUOSC
· Servicio de Rentas Internas SRI
· Registro Único de Contribuyentes RUP

· Global Compact
· Global Sustainable Tourism Council
· Red de Turismo Sostenible de la Américas
· Red de Agricultura Sostenible
· Cámara Ecuatoriana Americana
· Administrador Norma Smart Voyager Certified

Reconciling criteria of conservation and sustainable development, to integrate them into projects and productive activities and sustainable.
Undertake projects of scientific and technical research in different areas, to serve as a basis for programmes and projects of local development sustainable.
Raising awareness about the importance of adequate resources management natural.
Coordinate inter-agency efforts to plan and develop different strategies sustainable at the national and international level, to support initiatives of public institutions and private.
Taking to promote social, economic and environmental initiatives in support for the strengthening of the social and environmental capital that contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the population.
Planning and implementation of projects of development
Audits environmental and quality of processes
Partner CERTIFICATIONS environmental
Planning and development of the tourism SECTOR
Implementation of projects of sustainable tourism, ecotourism, and community-based tourism
Planning and development of the agricultural SECTOR
Implementation of projects of community, agriculture, livestock development, and small-scale
Strengthening of LOCAL capacity in its aspects: human, SOCIAL, environmental, economic and productive
Applied forestry projects
Planning and development of alternative clean energy
Consultancy, advice, training, and transfer of clean technologies
Biodiversity research, conservation of natural protected areas, and areas of private and community-based reserve
Research applied in areas: BIOTIC, socio-economic and political
Participatory research and SYSTEMATIZATION of processes
Environmental impact studies
Environmental management systems
Basic infrastructure planning for products of export
International MARKETING planning on products of export
Planning in competitiveness, sustainable INDUSTRIAL
Planning for land use planning
Strategic planning and risk management
Conservation & Development (C & D) focuses its organizational and operational structure framed in the direction by values (DpV), being relegated prior conceptions such as management by objectives (MBO), or worse still the address by instructions (DpI), this by the need to optimize services and processes with quality oriented end users.
The organizational model of C & D will understand it as a corporate core with a flattened and agile structure, around which will gradually develop a series of functional alliances or links of support, which are activated to concrete needs of the Organization to work the theme area man resources, administration, suppliers, potential clients, and other organizations that can join processes according to the requirements; as well as, services, advice, studies, plans, programs and projects on the basis of self-managed and sustainable interventions.
The work of C & D methodology is based on the constructivist paradigm, which sets out the processes through participatory management with actors partners, opening themselves to mutual dialogue as interactive method 'the path is made by walking', based on interdisciplinary and culture of its members, with team spirit and responsibility. The philosophy of "learning by doing" and "relearning continuously", is always considered in the sense of trust that all have an interest, and we are able to learn and relearn new knowledge’s.
Therefore, the C & D, management and organizational structure triggers in our professionals and partners, accountability and leadership as facilitators of processes, develops cultural core values like commitment, transparency, creativity, solidarity, sensitivity, respect, mutual trust, and continuous learning in a guiding framework for equitable social development.
With this perspective of organizational management, understand that all activities and processes carried out by each of our areas of action, are framed in the machinery of the organization with regard to the planning, administration monitoring and continuous evaluation, as well as the validation of the institutional memory through the systematization of the processes undertaken and new shared knowledge.
Smart Voyager Certified
Sustainable Agriculture Network (Rainforest Alliance Certified)
Farm Field Schools
Trainers of Trainers
Hace Bien, Hace Mejor
Better Manufacture Practices
C&D Better Production Practices, Cocoa, Coffee
C&D Better sustainable Practices for Watershed
C&D Sustainable Academy
Certification Microsoft, Linux, Adobe, CompTIA. Authorized Center for Prometric y Pearson Vue

Sustainable Agricuture Network (SAN) - C & D (ECUADOR) - IMAFLORA (BRAZIL) - FIIT (GUATEMALA) - AMBIO (COSTA RICA) - RAINFOREST ALLIANCE (United States).
Standards of European accreditation ISO 9000 QS 9000, ISO 14000, CE MARK & EU Directives, FDA's cGMP, CMM.
Tropical Commodity Coalition TCC
Global Sustainable Tourism Network
Sustainable Americas Tourism Network
Representative of the ICC, LUCC (Land Use, Land Coverage) of the Institute Cartographic de Cataluña. INFOTERRA
We cooperate with the following institutions:
The Global Fund for the environment (GEF)
United Nations development program
Corporación Andina de Fomento (caf)
Ecuadorian Canadian's Development Fund (FECD)
Fund Ecuadorian counterpart Swiss (COTESU/FOES)
Ministry of agriculture and livestock (MAG), with several of its dependencies such as: national banana programme, ECU-B7, DINAREN, SESA, INEFAN, INIAP
Ecuadorian Office of joint implementation
Catalonia Cartographic Institute
Spain National Cartographic Institute
Organization of Dutch cooperation (HIVOS)
Durrell of ecology and conservation (says) University of KENT
World Bank (WB)
Inter-American Development Bank
Root Capital
Industries ALES C.A.
UNISTAR-KRAF (Germany - us)
Producers of banana S.A. (EPELDATOS)
National Federation of cocoa of the Ecuador (FEDECADE)
Banana producers Association (APROBAN)
National Association of exporters of cocoa (ANECACAO)
Ard Inc.
Argentine Standardization Institute (IRAM)
Overbrook foundation (USA)
Kraft Foods International
Corporation of Promotion of exports and investments (CORPEI)
Fund Ecuadorian Populorum ProgresIo - FEPP


National Congress of ECUADOR, for all the work development in ECUADOR, since 24 October 2000 and deployed preservation.
Award of the United Nations for development world in tourism.
The Organizing Committee of the Conference I, competitiveness and development of the cocoa SECTOR of the EQUATOR, A conservation and development for their valuable contribution to the development of the cocoa SECTOR April 2006 - ANECACAO, CORPEI, USAID, PRONORTE, access, GIZ.
The Association of producers Of cocoa of ATACAMES and the ESMERALDEÑA Corporation for training and INTEGRAL development, thanks to conservation and development for the support provided to productive development and trade of the small AS producers AS cocoa of ATACAMES.

Certifications and Memberships:

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