Share our B2B Data’s vision is to make our data as widely available as possible to legitimate Web sites for mutual benefit and also to spread the word on great companies doing great things!

Our Company Data holds detailed profiles of over 75,000 companies certified to a range of sustainability standards. This data (or at least the non confidential part of it) is available free of charge to all legitimate business users of our site via our search engine. In the spirit of open and transparent promotion of sustainability and business issues, we would love to share this data with your site. We can do this in two ways.

Simple Back Links

We have unique links that create a list, in abbreviated thumbnail format, of companies certified to particular standards. For example, see companies certified to the FLO Fairtrade standard. You may embed this in your site where there is content on the Fairtrade FLO standard, for example so your users can get a snapshot view of such companies and may further navigate our search engine for details. Contact us for a complete list of such links and the standards they correspond to.

Real time API link

We would be happy to share our complete or partial database of companies certified to particular standards. These represent a small scale “sustainability report” for many of our Members and would make a great addition to your B2B database of companies. We can offer you, free of charge (provided you credit us with a backlink and your data is also open source) a variety of fields: Name and address details of company, certifications, descriptive accounts of their eco activities and a back link to their profile.

Our standards database

We maintain a database of sustainability related standards and initiatives around the globe and the companies certified to or involved in these, for the benefit of buyers wishing to do business with reliable companies. We are happy to share our database of these standards and initiatives with you. Our users can query a database of over 400 such standards via our site and get a list of standards meeting their filters/search terms. For each there is a unique fact page containing the critical details of the standard. See an example for the FSC Chain of Custody standard.

We can provide you with a list of standards and hyperlinks so you can use these in your site to help users gain a brief understanding of the standard, and we suggest you use these links in conjunction with our company data so your user may browse the standard while looking at the company certified to it. We encourage you to use this valuable tool for free in your site (provided of course you credit us with the backlinks!).


Read our database API documentation here

Our Data Partners

Here are some of the organizations sharing our data. Contact me at with any questions, comments or suggested variations.

Popular Searches is a supplier directory listing over 50,000 companies from around the world producing and selling products certified to sustainability and organic standards such as Fair Trade, FSC, MSC and the Soil Association mark.  Our B2B directory is free for companies to list on and the information is open to all viewers at no charge.  Companies listed on find new customers from around the world and buyers can short list and contact new suppliers based on ethical and sustainability criteria. messaging