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Organic Exchange

Organic Exchange is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization committed to expanding organic agriculture, with a specific focus on increasing the production and use of organically grown fibers such as cotton.

Our long term goal is to grow the amount of certified organic land farmed for fiber production by 50% per year. Achieving this goal will allow us to have a positive, significant, visible and measurable impact on the world.

To support these efforts, we bring together brands and retailers with their business partners, farmers and key stakeholders to learn about the social and environmental benefits of organic agriculture, and to develop new business models and tools that support greater use of organic inputs. In addition, we raise consumer awareness about the value of organic farming and the availability of products containing organic cotton.

We create solutions which improve environmental quality, enhance the livelihoods of farmers, increase profitability for innovative brands and their business partners and expand consumer choice.

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