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Using our knowledge and database of over 350 sustainability standards and upwards of 75,000 certified suppliers, offers buyers a bespoke sourcing service.  We can offer a streamlined, discrete and reliable first step in helping you find and connect with high quality companies who are committed to a range of sustainability and organic issues. 


Any registered user of may contact, through our internal messaging system up to five suppliers per day.  This is free.  What we offer in this bespoke sourcing service is much more.  So how does this work?


Step 1Your Needs:  You fill out a very simple Request for Information form stating the product/service categories you are interested in, where you want to buy from and any sustainability certifications (e.g. organic, worker welfare, sustainable forestry).   For some preliminary information on the range of sustainability standards, check out our guides

Step 2 – Contacting Suppliers:  If we need to, we will contact you for any elaboration of your needs.   We will then draw up a long list of potential suppliers who match your needs and request information from them.  We can do this discretely or reveal your company’s name (this will make it easier).   We will follow up by phone if necessary.

Step 3 – Reporting Back to you:  Based on the results of our enquiries (which will take up to a week, depending on time of year), we will compile a report providing the following details on between 5 and 10 potential suppliers: full contact details; initial response to your Request for Information (price range, supply capabilities etc); and documentation of the company’s certifications.  You are then free to make contact with the companies themselves to confirm details and start your business relationship!’s fee for this bespoke service is USD 199 per request.  In the instance that we cannot find suppliers we deem suitable, we will not charge you.  

To start this process contact (please write "Customized Sourcing" in the heading) and we will contact you within 24 hours with a Request for Information form.

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