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Sustainability considerations are now an accepted part of procurement policy for organizations of all sizes based on the realization that the eco and social footprint is often mostly within the supply chain.   While standards and eco-labels are merely tools, as part of a sustainability procurement strategy, navigating the universe of over 500 such standards can be challenging.  The team can help you navigate this universe and decide how to use the standards as part of your overall policy.

  • Sustainable procurement policy:  Based on extensive investigation of your current and future supply chain, we help you draft and communicate an elegant yet simple plan that will focus on your key environmental and social risks and impacts.  Our services here are focused on small-to-medium size companies who are just getting started on the road towards sustainable procurement.
  • Standards Research and Consulting: Using our extensive network in the world of eco-labels and sustainability and organic standards we can undertake detailed research and consulting to meet your needs.  We can help you identify market and geographic trends, compare standards and advise on which standards to use.  We can also help you, using our data and analysis, draft presentations and marketing materials to communicate your internal sustainability policies.

Our consulting team is led by Dylan Tanner, Consulting Director of Ekobai Holdings.  He has over 20 years experience working with organizations of all size on practical solutions to their environmental challenges.  He has worked with the leading global environmental firm ERM Group, where he founded and led their 50-person Japan office.  Prior to that he worked with UK engineering firm WS Atkins and strategic consulting firm Intermatrix.  Our team works with several partners on the delivery of our services, including Ecolabel Index and the US based Green Business Bureau which focuses on environmental solutions to small and medium size companies.

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