Governing Organization

Demeter e.V. (Germany)

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Auditing / Certification Body

Demeter e.V. (Germany)

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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by non-verified bodies


IFOAM Organic

Sectors Covered

Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Issues Covered

Food Safety, Organic, Quality


Demeter is the only ecological association that has built up a network of individual certification organisations world-wide. In 1997 Demeter-International was founded for closer co-operation in the legal, economic and spiritual spheres. Presently Demeter International has 16 members from Demeter organisations from Europe, America, Africa and New Zealand. Thus Demeter-International represents around 4,200 Demeter producers in 43 countries.Demeter-International e. V. is a non profit organisation and its member organisations work together in the spirit of an international confederation with democratic principles. Membership requires a functioning Demeter certification programme. Associations which support the objectives of Demeter-International can be elected as associated members. Its basis is the Biodynamic agriculture method, originated by Rudolf Steiner in his "Agriculture Course" given in Koberwitz in 1924, and developed further in practice and research.

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