Environmentally Friendly Hungary

Environmentally Friendly Hungary

Governing Organization

Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation

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Auditing / Certification Body

Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation

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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by verified bodies


Government Affiliated

Sectors Covered

Various Sectors

Issues Covered

Biodegradable and Recycling, Carbon, CSR, Environmental Management, Waste and Chemicals Management, Water Related


The Hungarian Eco-labelling system has been initiated by the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Development in 1993. The system was set up in accordance with Government decree 29/1997 (VIII.29.), which set up the guidelines for the operation of the system and established the Hungarian Eco-labelling Organisation.  To achieve sustainable development it is our common aim to take responsible decisions during our everyday purchasing. On these pages you can find useful information about the Hungarian Eco-labeling System, about the environment-friendly products and services. Besides the Hungarian Eco-label we also introduce the EU Eco-label system, in order to give a picture of the labelling system and the EU’s labelled products. After the admission process the two systems will coexists, complement and strengthen each other.

Sustainability Issues

Popular Searches`s concise market guides provide a unique insight into key areas of responsible business and the standards relating to each. Here you will find information on forestry and wood products, Fair Trade standards, food safety, organic standards, product safety standards, environmental management systems and more. The Analysis section also features up-to-date news on sustainable sector-specific issues and developments messaging