Food Alliance Certification for Farmers and Ranchers

Food Alliance Certification for Farmers and Ranchers

Governing Organization


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Auditing / Certification Body


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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by non-verified bodies

Sectors Covered

Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Issues Covered

Carbon, CSR, Environmental Management, Ethical Trade, Food Safety, Product Safety, Waste and Chemicals Management, Worker Safety

Information from the ITC's Standards Map


Farmers and ranchers must meet minimum thresholds in four areas: pest and disease management, soil and water conservation, human resource management, and wildlife habitat conservation to become eligible for certification.

Key Features

* Producer standards cover the following areas: safe and fair working conditions; healthy, humane animal treatment; soil and water conservation; reduction of pesticide use and toxicity; and wildlife habitat conservation and protection of biodiversity. Food Alliance certification restricts the use of hormones and antibiotics,prohibits the use of GMO seed and genetics. and requires producers... more

Stakeholder Engagement

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