GFSI Global Food Safety Initiative

GFSI  Global Food Safety Initiative

Governing Organization

CIES - The Food Business Forum

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Auditing / Certification Body

CIES - The Food Business Forum

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Assessment Type

Member of group/association

Sectors Covered

Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Issues Covered

CSR, Food Safety, Quality

Information from the ITC's Standards Map


The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an independent non-profit foundation managed by The Consumer Goods Forum, was founded in 200* It is:
* An industry-led initiative that was created following a directive from food business CEOs after several food safety scares led to a loss of consumer confidence.
* A benchmarking organization promoting convergence between food safety... more

Key Features

* GFSI holds an annual international forum (the GFSI Stakeholder Group) open to retailers, manufacturers, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, standards owners, food safety experts and consultants.
* GFSI_x0019_ s international multi-stakeholder Technical Working
Groups comprise over 90 food safety experts who work
throughout the year on areas such as _x001C_ Auditor... more

Stakeholder Engagement

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