GFTN The Global Forest and Trade Network

GFTN  The Global Forest and Trade Network

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WWF International

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Forest Products

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Carbon, CSR, Environmental Management, Ethical Trade, Waste and Chemicals Management


The Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) offers a wealth of benefits to forest-related businesses representing all parts of the supply chain.  GFTN participants enjoy substantial advantages—from access to dependable sources of responsibly grown and harvested timber, to strengthened consumer and customer acceptance, to recognition as an industry leader. GFTN’s added value will continue to increase as the network matures and expands its scope.  The business case for joining GFTN is compelling.  In addition to helping build a positive corporate image and ensure reliable sources of wood, participation provides support in these broad areas:  Advisory Services, which offer information and on-site technical assistance with the process of obtaining independent and credible certification, responsible purchasing and procurement policies, industry specific issues, and risk management; Resource Mobilization, which yields contacts and networks that help companies, communities, NGOs, and entrepreneurs tap into new and growing markets.  Long Term Partnerships, which complement private efforts to achieve sustainable forest management and trade.  Experience and Relationships, which build on GFTN’s comparative advantage in coordinating and leveraging new and innovative collaborations among diverse sectors of the timber industry.  Proven Expertise, which enables participants to draw on GFTN’s successful track record and reputation as a leader and catalyst of environmental and social innovations in the timber industry.

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