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No CO2

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Carbon Reduction Institute

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Third party assessed by non-verified bodies

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Various Sectors

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Carbon, CSR, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Management


The Carbon Reduction Institute's NoCO2 Certification Program allows your organisation to take simple, direct and effective action against climate change. The program is within the reach of all organisations, and as at October 2008, over 85 companies have used the NoCO2 program to communicate their actions against climate change, ranging from large companies down to 5 person operations.  The goal of the NoCO2 Certification Program is to offer easy and effective means for organisations to measure, reduce and offset their climate change impacts. It harnesses the power of consumer trends, logo recognition and credible action to simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and enhance company brands.  Companies that join the NoCO2 certification program are given support and assistance to genuinely reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable. The program offers many benefits and offers a strong business case for taking environmental action.

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