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Third party assessed by non-verified bodies

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CSR, Environmental Management, Product Safety, Quality, Waste and Chemicals Management, Water Related

Information from the ITC's Standards Map


MPS-A, B and C are environmental certificates. The qualifications MPS-A, -B and -C are awarded to MPS participants who registrate their usage of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy, waste and in some countries water over four-week periods& Participants are awarded a qualification four times a year namely MPS-A, B or C based on the comparison of their usage with standards. MPS-A is... more

Key Features

* The MPS-ABC system is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council.
* Organisations need to be MPS-A certified to obtain the
international consumer label _x001C_ Fair Flowers Fair Plants,_x001D_ for sustainably-produced flowers and plants.
* A company_x0019_ s MPS-ABC score is based on its use of fertilizers, energy and pesticides, and its management of waste. In some... more

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