TAFT Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability

TAFT  Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability

Governing Organization

Council of Agriculture, Taiwan

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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by verified bodies


Government Affiliated

Sectors Covered

Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Issues Covered

Environmental Management, Food Safety, Product Safety


To protect consumers at home and abroad more effectively, the Council of Agriculture (COA) of the Executive Yuan has established the Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability (TAFT) system by combing the GAP system and the traceability system. The TAFT system serves as a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) for agricultural products in Taiwan. It covers all directions from farming to food processing, packaging, distribution and marketing, and up to dinner tables. And the consumer can visit the TAFT system at <> to inquire about related information. At present, the TAFT system is a voluntary program. Nevertheless, the producer is bound to gain handsome profit by acquiring the TAP (traceability of agricultural products) certification. In connection with this, the COA has designated a TAP insignia. Certified TAP will carry this certification insignia for a quick traceability.

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