The RESY Mark Germany

The RESY Mark Germany

Governing Organization

RESY Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH

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Auditing / Certification Body

RESY Organisation für Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH

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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by verified bodies


Government Affiliated

Sectors Covered

Various Sectors

Issues Covered

Biodegradable and Recycling, Environmental Management, Waste and Chemicals Management


Recycled paper is an important raw material for the paper-oriented packaging industry. Because of this, used paper and cardboard transport packaging has been collected and reused for many years. When the Packaging Directive took force all those involved in the paper recycling system believed that the collection and recycling systems for used transport packaging - which had worked well from a market directed aspect to date - would be endangered. If return systems were to be established forcing packaging manufacturers to pay the disposal costs for that packaging, this would almost triple the costs of packaging made from recycled materials - at least from an arithmetical point of view. This was the main driving force behind the formation of RESY Organisation for Wertstoffentsorgung GmbH in 1991:  RESY guarantees the complete disposal and reuse of all transport and grouped packaging bearing the RESY symbol. The legal use of the RESY symbol means that all the specifications of the Packaging Directive for transport packaging have been fulfilled.  On conclusion of the agreement you will be issued with a unique identification number which must always be applied to the packaging in combination with the RESY symbol.

Sustainability Issues

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