Wholesome Food Association

Wholesome Food Association

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Wholesome Food Association

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Self assessment

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Food, Beverage and Agriculture

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Environmental Management, Organic, Waste and Chemicals Management


The Wholesome Food Association local symbol scheme is a low-cost, grassroots alternative to organic certification for people in the UK who are growing or producing food for sale in their local region.  Members of the WFA who abide by our food production standards and sell their produce locally are entitled to use our quality symbol to certify their production methods.  Good for customersIf you want to support local, small-scale growers and be assured of quality produce grown naturally, head on over to our list of Suppliers to find a grower near you, or read more about us here.  The WFA is a non-profit organization. If you are not producing food yourself, but you simply like what we are doing and want to help us promote it, you might consider becoming one of our official WFA Supporters.  Good for sellers: If you are producing food according to WFA principles and are prepared to sign a pledge to that effect, if you are selling it locally, and if you are prepared to uphold the WFAs open gate policy, you will be entitled to the use of our symbol, assuring your customers of the quality of your produce.

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