ILO-OSH 2001 Guidelines OSH

ILO-OSH 2001 Guidelines OSH

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International Labour Office

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Self assessment


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Various Sectors

Issues Covered

CSR, Indoor Air Quality, Worker Safety


Based on the principle that Decent Work must be Safe Work, SafeWork aims to create worldwide awareness of the dimensions and consequences of work-related accidents and diseases; to place occupational safety and health (OSH) on the international and national agendas; and to provide support to the national efforts for the improvement of national OSH systems and programmes in line with relevant international labour standards.  The guidelines may be applied on two levels - national and organizational. At the national level, they provide for the establishment of a national framework for occupational safety and health (OSH) management systems, preferably supported by national laws and regulations. They also provide precise information on developing voluntary arrangements to strengthen compliance with regulations and standards, which, in turn, lead to continual improvement of OSH performance.

At the organizational level, the Guidelines encourage the integration of OSH management system elements as an important component of overall policy and management arrangements. Organizations, employers, owners, managerial staff, workers and their representatives are motivated in applying appropriate OSH management principles and methods to improve OSH performance.

Employers and competent national institutions are accountable for and have a duty to organize measures designed to ensure occupational safety and health. The implementation of these ILO Guidelines is one useful approach to fulfilling this responsibility.

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