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Fair Wear Foundation

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Fair Wear Foundation

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Assessment Type

Third party assessed by non-verified bodies

Sectors Covered

Apparel and Carpets

Issues Covered

CSR, Ethical Trade, Indoor Air Quality, Worker Safety

Information from the ITC's Standards Map


Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an international verification initiative for improving labour conditions in industries where the main manufacturing process is sewing. Members sign the 'Code of Labour Practices', which implies an agreement to adjust thier management system in order to allow the effective implementation of FWF labour standards along their supply chains.

Key Features

* Fair Wear Foundation:
- checks that brands respect human rights in their supply
- checks working conditions in garment factories;
- ensures cooperation between factories, brands
and all other stakeholders;
- provides worker complaint hotlines in 15 production
* The FWF Code of Labour Practices is used as a public joint agreement... more

Stakeholder Engagement

The Fair Wear Foundation is composed of business associations, trade unions and NGOs which are equally represented in the decision-making bodies of FWF and it it engages with stakeholders in countries where production for affiliates takes place.

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