Clean Clothes Code of Practice

Governing Organization

Assessment Type

Third party assessed by non-verified bodies

Sectors Covered

Apparel and Carpets

Issues Covered

CSR, Worker Safety

Information from the ITC's Standards Map


The CCC's model code of conduct for the garment industry comprises the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and several additional standards. These include: freedom of association and the right to organise; the right to bargain collectively; a living wage; maximum limit on hours of work; healthy and safe working conditions; security of employment; no... more

Key Features

* Minimum standards in CCC's model code are derived from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, as well as Article 23 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
* CCC's additional standards in its model code include the right to a living wage based on a regular working week that does not exceed 48... more

Stakeholder Engagement

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