Cotton Made in Africa

Cotton Made in Africa

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Member of group/association

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Apparel and Carpets

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CSR, Ethical Trade

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The trademark and hangtag 'Cotton made in Africa' (CmiA) is sold to buyers and consumers as a baseline sustainability concept with the aim to improve the livelihoods of African cotton farmers and to work for more sustainable cotton production in African countries. The CmiA sustainability claim focuses on the supply and value chain in the participating African countries, i.e. the growing and... more

Key Features

* CmiA works on the principles of a social business,
which means the initiative operates in accordance with
sound business methods _x0013_ except that it does not aim to
maximise the profits of individuals, but rather to improve
the conditions of life of a large number of African cotton
farmers. Fairtrade Premium: additional funds available to
producers above... more

Stakeholder Engagement

CmiA is a business driven initiative and includes various stakeholders in the management of the foundation.

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