Global Red Meat Standard - GRMS

Governing Organization

Assessment Type

Third party assessed by verified bodies

Sectors Covered

Food, Beverage and Agriculture

Issues Covered

Food Safety

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GRMS is an accredited and independently audited scheme that was launched in 2006 by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council in collaboration with the Danish Meat Research with the objective to promote certified standards notably tailored to the meat industry. More specifically GRMS is an EN45011 (European Standard for Product Certification) that develops requirements focusing on the... more

Key Features

* Meat safety and quality _x0013_ which is the foundation of the GRMS
- is accomplished through the application of unique Danish standards in the areas such as salmonella control and residue surveillance.
* GRMS focuses on 19 different areas which all play an important role in allowing the maintenance of high standards: Quality Management System; Management Responsibilities; HACCP... more

Stakeholder Engagement

The GRMS Secretariat is in close dialogue with Certification Bodies and auditors participating in the scheme. In addition, regular feedback from authorities, retailers and other users of the Standard is taken into consideration when reviewing and updating the Standard.

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